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Chido, a love story by Munashe

Chido, a love story by Munashe

  • Written by Munashe Chirisa ↴


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Starring Tinaye Wayne Chiketa as Munashe with Tendai Chitima as Netsai, Melinda Shumba as Chido, Kudzai Chinyemba as Godhi and Amayah Kupaza as Amaya

WRITTEN AND PERFORMED BY Munashe Chirisa FEATURING John Falsetto PRODUCED BY Tendai Mucheri MASTERED BY Phillip Sampson DIRECTED BY Tavonga Gozo DIRECTOR of PHOTOGRAPHY Andy Cutta GAFFER Blessing Mangwiro GRIP Tafadza Ajimike MAKE UP BY Melisa Mkhalani LOVE TO Alan Sampson, Munashe Jokomo and Old Trafford, Domboshava, Zimbabwe EDITED BY Mudiwa Dzino ARTWORK BY Brendon Rangawani & KUDA Ruzane CREATIVE DIRECTORS KUDA Ruzane, MUNASHE Chirisa & TENDAI Mucheri EXECUTIVE PRODUCED BY MADE IN ZWE © 2020

First of all, 100,000+ views?? as in ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND?? and some 800+ comments?! — THANK YOU!! — love to every. single. person. who’s watched, commented and shared Chido, a love story by Munashe. 100K is small small to others but for a debut single, we are beyond humbled. Makaipa.

and as promised… join the tribe and get updates on Chido 2 below ↓

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